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Eyelash Foam Cleansing Kit


Water, propylene glycol, PEG-7 caprylic acid, vitamin disodium EDTA, flavor


Product description: 

Protect your investment by keeping your lashes clean in between appointments with our Mesmerreyes Cleansing Foam Kit. 


Our Mesmerreyes Cleansing Foam is safe to use on sensitive skin but powerful enough to remove oil, dirt, and makeup that weigh down your lash extensions. Use this cleanser daily to extend eyelash extension retention. 


Fast Facts: 

  • Water based cleanser 
  • Gentle and useful on all skin types


Cleansing Kit Contains: 

  • Mesmerreyes Foam Cleanser
  • Sparkle Cleansing Brush 
  • 2 Spoolies 
  • After Care Card 
  • Business Card 


How to use: 

  • Apply 2-3 pumps of foam cleanser to clean paper towel, cloth, or makeup mixing tray. 

  • Focusing on one eye at a time, dip cleansing brush into cleanser and scrub foam from the base of your eyelid  to tip of lash. 

  • Rinse foam completely from eye (even if foam seems to have dried away) 

  • Dry lashes with small fan or allow to completely air dry

  • Brush and fluff lash extensions out with spoolie. 

  • Be sure to rinse your cleansing brush completely before and after use. Store wet brushes with bristles downward so it may dry thoroughly.



Remove contact lenses before use 

Do not apply with eyes open 

Do not use if allergic to any of the listed ingredients

Keep out of reach of children


Eyelash Foam Cleansing Kit


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